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TRUE Pano:

A Panoramic like no other. Doing away with all the limitations of the conventional pan, the INsightPano delivers a crystal clear image, when getting the diagnosis right, is of paramount importance


Stunning Lat. as well as PA Cephs with well defined ,easily recognisable landmarks, coupled with an unmatched soft tissue profile


  • Accurately determine bone height and width
  • Determine bone quality (HU statistics)
  • Accurately determine long axis of alveolar bone
  • Identify and localize internal anatomy – inferior alveolar canal, maxillary sinus floor, mental foramen, incisive canal, etc
  • Precisely determine jaw boundaries
  • Pathology detection
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  • 3D evaluation of craniofacial structures (no more gray-scale Cephalograms)
  • Exact positioning of impacted & unerupted teeth
  • Cephalogram images can be superimposed on various stable structures and changes quantified in all planes of Space
  • Depiction of skeletal asymmetries with volume rendering
  • Accurate placement of mini implants - along with required analysis of bone quality & quantity


  • Early detection of periapical disease
  • 3D imaging of root canal system, leaving no scope for missed canals
  • Endodontic surgical planning
  • Evaluation of Dentoalveolar trauma
  • Evaluation of vertical root fractures, separated instruments, and retreatment cases
  • Determining outcome of treatment
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Oral & maxillofacial surgery

  • Precisely determine position of impacted teeth
  • Get stunning 3D reconstructed images to study pathology / trauma in precise detail
  • Use the same 3D data to fabricate 3D models
  • Asses the entire maxillofacial skeleton prior to major surgical procedure or evaluation of trauma


  • Accurate assessment of buccal/labial and palatal/lingual alveolar bone crestal levels
  • Accurate reconstruction of intrabony & fenestration defects, dehiscence, and furcation involvement
  • Post-operative assessment of bone grafts with superimposition tools quantifying the difference
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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea secondary to either central causes or airway obstruction can lead to

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Learning difficulties
  • Headaches