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Sri Sai Face CT Scan Centre

Sri Sai Face CT Scan Centre has the high end equipment - the I Cat 17-23 CBCT scanner which provides the best possible images with low radaition dose as possible. Our centre is first CBCT imaging diagnostic centre in Andhra Pradesh, started in yeat 2005.


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Our Scanner the iCAT

Acknowledged to be the best in its class, with stunning image quality, low radiation exposure & one of the most user friendly software, it is one of the only 2 machines in the market which can take a full skull view, all this translates into a smooth, superlative CBCT experience for you!

Our software –

  • – no one creates more beautiful 3D images, period.
  • – Acknowledged to be among the pioneers for virtual implant planning
  • – 3 Shape Implant Studio